Airport Intercity Taxi Service (Shared)

Going to and from the airport often poses an inconvenience. Travel & Express offers a cheap alternative way of transportation to and from the International Airports of Larnaka and Paphos or from and to your hotel or business.

We have made provisions for both the regular and the casual travelers. Embark aboard in one of our taxis for a relaxing and a stress free ride from the airport to your final destination.

All of our taxis are of high standards and are well maintained. Our drivers are experienced and helpful. Our office personnel are at your disposal, following closely your flight details in order to make sure you are promptly met upon arrival.

In the case of on-line booking, please allow up to 48 hours for the confirmation of your reservation through email. 


 +357 99 268233 (Monday - Friday 08:00-17:00)

+357 99 268233 (Monday - Friday 08:00-17:00)


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